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Ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini untuk terhubung via Email:

  • Klik tombol “Connect Now” di bawah
  • Copy paste alamat email ini: contact@(VCemail).com
  • Pilih menu “Compose Email”
  • Copy – paste template cold email di bawah ini
  • Attach pitch deck startup kamu
  • Klik Send

Template Email

For startups in “Ideation/Concept Only” stage

Hi [VC Name] team,

I’m [nama] from [startup]. We saw your profile on Focusing on [category], we’re looking to solve [masukkan masalah yang startup kamu selesaikan di sini]. We do it by [masukan solusi startup kamu di sini]. Currently, we're at the ideation/concept stage. Looking at the market size and our background, we believe we're well positioned to execute this. Herewith I attached our pitch deck for your reference.Hope we can meet and discuss further about this within the next week. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Best Regards, [Nama]

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